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Colonnades Condominium

Perched in a greenery environment which is only 5 minutes' drive from the Kota Kinabalu city centre

Colonnades Condominium

Comprises of four (4) distinguished condominium blocks.

Garden Terrace




Facilities at The Colonnades

Units for Sale

The units that are available for sale are shown in the table below.

# Property Level Area Rate
(sq. ft.) (rate per sq. ft.) For Sale
1 Costa Block
Furnished 3+1 rooms apartment
7th Floor / 9th Floor 1,950 / 1992 RM321.00 / RM312.00 RM625,000
2 Garden Terrace
Furnished 3 rooms apartment
1st & 2nd Floor 1,509-1,570 RM369.00 RM535,000.00 - RM565,000.00
3 Crista Block
Furnished 3+1 rooms apartment
2nd Floor 1,796 RM356.00 RM640,000


Interior photos of Costa unit

Interior photos of Garden Terrace unit

Floor Plan

Spacious bedrooms and space